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Our offices are most modern offices withal the basic infrastructure and ultra modern facilities.


PDAC Group has specialized in the Recruitment and Tours and Travels related business although the company. Traditionally, PDAC Group has specialized in the Recruitment and Tours and Travels related business although the group has diversified in the supply, installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software applications, Electrical, instrumentation. Also, we possess expertise in procurement and supply of specialized technical equipment/tools.

PDAC Group's existing clients are mentioned in the individual company's client list. Group is now also liaising with some of the industry giants domestic and international to acquire projects in other countries in various sectors like Oil and Gas, Power etc. having excellent contacts they are ready to deliver maximum out put to the nation.

Today, PDAC Group having operations in India and worldwide with their group companies having operations mainly in following areas:


PDAC Group quality statement

In principle we shall be prepared to undertake assignments either “Off shore” or at site. We have necessary connectivity for working on “Off shore” projects. Our challenge driven, highly motivated, results oriented professionals can provide you with answers for your product development needs. Flexible program management allows customer to work a la carte. Projects can be structured as: research, software, hardware, functional and industrial design, turnkey product, or somewhere in between.

PDAC Group quality plan

PDAC Group's Quality Plan is based on BS4778: 1979 as "A document derived from the Quality Programme (extended as necessary) setting out the specific quality practices, resources and activities relevant to a particular contract or project".
Identifies Quality Objectives  
     Criteria requiring to be satisfied  
     Nominates regulations and standards  
     States parameters to be achieved  
Defines Measures to Achieve Quality Objectives  
Qualities cost, time and resources required  
Defines the Mechanism and schedule for reviews.  
PDAC Group shall ensure acceptable service levels for:  
     Project planning, Estimation and Assessment  
     Design, development, engineering, installation and commissioning  
     Consumables and hardware usage  
     Repair tractability  
     Customized Recruitment and tour packages  
     Ultramodern services for Individual customers as per individual need  
     Software and Embedded systems design and development  
     Manage the supply chain  

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